Welcome to Another Stream


Download and watch your on-going favourite anime with low size (Low Quality / LQ). All anime release her will using 480p resolution video and mkv container. Please take a note size between 140 MB ~ 170 MB and using h264 8bit profile.

Why Us

We realised some of you might still using quite old computer and can't play video using 720p or even 1080p resolution. Given that situation, we are here to give you some on-going anime so can be watch from old computer as well. If you have limited disk drive, then you may use our download link.


You can open a request here and please take a note, only on-going anime will be released. We transcode the video into 480p resolution and add some filters as well. You can also open a request by email us at maru.raw [at] protonmail.com


You may download anytime from us and it is free. At the moment no ads will be use for Another Stream platorm. Please share with your friends and spread the good news! If you can, please attach our link into your website or blog! See on the left where the link will be posted as a post and anime categorised as a tag.

Playback Video

Want to know our playback recommendation? Use mpv or vlc player instead. Or you can use another software as long can play h264 8bit videos. Any recommendation from you? Please email us and give the reason why.