It is been years since we serving anime raw distribution from direct download link. Previously we had some blogsite(s), website with different name which has been changed 3 times for past 8 years. However, our goal remain the same. To deliver anime raw distribution to you.

Because we can understand for some people can’t watch their favourite anime due to TV block restrictions, or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocked torrent or peer to peer connection. That’s why a direct download link should be provided.

What assets do we have right now?

  • 1 domain (around $5 a year)
  • a hosting (around $3 a month)
  • a dedicated server with 1-2 TB and 1 Gbps uplink (around $25 a month)
  • a cloud server (around $7 a month)
  • an object storage server auto scalable (current usage <250GB – $5)

This covid-19 had some impact to our budget and we need your help to keep this community survive from covid-19 and keep deliver anime raw distribution for you. m(_ _)m

Yes, we have some alternative budget from url shortener, and pay per download platform, but we realise it was not enough to cover for incoming month(s) πŸ™ so your help is very needed.

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If you have an etherum account or wish to donate me via etherum crypto currency, please send to this address.



If you have a bitcoin account, or wish to donate me via bitcoin crypto currency, please send to this address.


Thank you. You can use google translate to your own language.



Our dedicated server has hardware failure and the disk not able to be recovered. You can contact my mail maru.raw [at]

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