Sayu DDL server got suspended

Hello there, just a quick update why we got delayed. Because previously our new DDL server [Sayu] got suspended for unknown reason. I also don’t know the reason, I am still investigating why provider suspend our server. Meanwhile, please use [FU – fileupload] instead. I planned to order new dedicated server with 1 Gbps speed,…

FR DDL server to be removed soon :(

Please take a note, our one of DDL server (FR – futaba rio server) scheduled will be removed soon after May 25th, 2021. Before that, please download all the video you need as soon as possible. Thank you! You might want to see our donation page here. DDLサーバーの1つ(FR-futaba rioサーバー)は2021年5月25日以降に削除されることに注意してください。その前に、必要なすべてのビデオをできるだけ早くダウンロードしてください。 ありがとうございました! こちらの寄付ページをご覧ください。

What does FU AN FR means?

Another FAQ that will explain you our new term. What FU means?It means file-upload. The file is uploaded into file-upload hosting service. File will be deleted after 30-60 days after first uploaded. What AN means?It means Anonfiles. The file is uploaded into anonfiles hosting service. They don’t explain but roughly file will be deleted 30-60…

DL server disk corrupted :(

For your information, our dedicated server disk seem corrupted and it is unrecoverable. So that was a sad news. Anything from the server now has gone 🙁 the hardware server reported failure and affected the disk. So at the moment we replaced temporary with futaba server which only served 100 Mbps port speed. This server…

DL server inaccessible

Sorry for late update, because yesterday (18/02/2021) one of our server got down and until now inaccessible. The previous server is one of our DL server which is responsible for repo1 server. At the moment we have no idea when the server will back to online, as currently we have submitted some tickets but no…

File-Upload now back!

We are happy to announce that file-upload [FU] now back to online. I am not sure why, but looks like their service somehow was down for weeks. I really encourage you to use [DL] link instead. Please take a note, DL links available within 30-40 days. ファイルアップロード[FU]がオンラインに戻ったことをお知らせします。 理由はわかりませんが、何とかサービスが数週間停止したようです。 代わりに[DL]リンクを使用することを強くお勧めします。 DLリンクは30〜40日以内に利用可能であることに注意してください。

[FU] Temporary replaced by [CM]

After several hours, Fileupload [FU] still offline and when I ask them when their service back to online, they said we will back soon. However, no estimate given. It is almost 24 hours down time. Meanwhile, we will upload to Filecm [CM] for temporary. Their speed is quite good. Enjoy! Merry christmas! 数時間後、Fileupload [FU]はまだオフラインであり、サービスがいつオンラインに戻るかを尋ねると、すぐに戻ると言われました。 ただし、見積もりはありません。…

Sorry for late update! Corona got me!

Hello guys, I am sorry that I can’t update this website for past few days. This is because I got Corona virus and had to be hospitalised for most 2 weeks. This virus is dangerous, I almost can’t do nothing. What I can do just lying on bed and hopefully my health will recover soon….

When Files Deleted?

As per 15 October 2020, we are using 1 Direct Download Link (DDL) which is File Upload and 1 repository file server which is HostGue. Each method can be downloaded directly from your web browser. 2020年10月15日現在、ファイルアップロードである1つのダイレクトダウンロードリンク(DDL)とHostGueである1つのリポジトリファイルサーバーを使用しています。 各メソッドは、Webブラウザから直接ダウンロードできます。 How long file stored at File Upload? ファイルアップロードで保存されるファイルの長さはどれくらいですか? Approximately the file will be stored around 30 ~ 40…

New Website Portal!

25/09/20202020年9月25日 Yes, we are now moving to a semantic CMS and new accessed URL! Please bookmark us and share it to your friends. Share our link in your blog, SNS, and more… はい、セマンティックCMSと新しくアクセスしたURLに移行します! 私たちをブックマークしてお友達と共有してください。 ブログやSNSなどでリンクを共有してください… –Another Download RAW Anime.