New Cloud Storage

Hello Folks! Thank you for stay with us as always. For your information, these days we built some infrastructure through EU region in order to deliver fast connection and based on cloud. There are some issues while integrate cloud platform into our S3 Object Storage server (same utility as Amazon AWS Object Storage), but now all is ok.

However, these new cloud storage is quite expensive but the connection is granted 1 Gbps uplink to another internet connection around the globe. We might need your help in order to keep our cloud server alive by download the file through our shortener every day.

You can either 1 download from our cloud server, or 2 watch from there as free streaming service. However please keep in mind, there are limitations how much visitor can stream from our cloud server. The more visitor can do free streaming watch, the more CPU load and memory consumption to our server.

Paypal Support

You can pay via Paypal in order to support us and help us expanding the servers. Please visit if you wish to support us by donate in USD.

Buy me A Coffee

Or you prefer to buy me a coffe, then with my pleasure I loved coffee so much.

These donation 100% will be used for cloud storage server extend validity files. Current share only exist for next 60 days. We can’t keep the files forever due to limitation storage, however the more you give us donation, we can extend these files at least 90 days, where you can download it after 3 months released.

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