When Files Deleted?

As per 15 October 2020, we are using 1 Direct Download Link (DDL) which is File Upload and 1 repository file server which is HostGue. Each method can be downloaded directly from your web browser.

2020年10月15日現在、ファイルアップロードである1つのダイレクトダウンロードリンク(DDL)とHostGueである1つのリポジトリファイルサーバーを使用しています。 各メソッドは、Webブラウザから直接ダウンロードできます。

How long file stored at File Upload?


Approximately the file will be stored around 30 ~ 40 days depends how much release at current anime season.


How long file stored at HostGue?


Approximately it is about 50 ~ 60 days, as long our disk space has space enough, it comes longer than 60 days.


How to contribute for us?


Well life is not that easy. We funded ourselves for the servers and as well hosting. We feel that RAW videos should be able to be downloaded from HTTP browser. We did not ask you much, but if you able to download from the link we provide every day, it will help us maintain this service.

まあ人生はそれほど簡単ではありません。 私たちはサーバーとホスティングのために自分たちに資金を提供しました。 RAW動画はHTTPブラウザからダウンロードできるはずだと思います。 あまりお伺いはしませんでしたが、毎日提供しているリンクからダウンロードできれば、このサービスの維持に役立ちます。

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  1. Hi, ive got haikyuu hyoe suddenly. Then i watch some but the site is so horrible i watch then subtuttle and give watermark in the video. Then i found this, never been this happy. The link is okay but the file is not found. Would you rerepost the haikyuu to the top again? Please im begging you. I don’t understand the torrent things. All i know is this site is the most easiest to reach out.

    1. hello anne. please post which episode you need? usually it is not possible to reupload vids more than 2 months but i will try my best.

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